Wednesday, January 07, 2009


There is a lot to be said about change. Some of it good, some of it not so good. I have vowed to make a change in my life. It is not loosing weight, it is not saving money, it is not anything really that significant at all. However, it is important to me. It involves discipline. I have on two occasions started blogging only to find myself giving it up after a short period. Why? Simply put, I was not disciplined enough to stay the course. Now a blog is really nothing of great significance. Those of us who feel that our little rants are news to the world are really exercising our most narcissistic tendencies. Yet still I think blogging can be a good thing. It really is nothing more than purposeful journaling with a much wider audience. Many have used blogging in what I believe to be a very negative purpose, especially in Southern Baptist life. Many have used it for great good. There are some who have done both. I also readily admit that this is simply my opinion and that some would see it very different. Either way, blogging is a tool in many ways to exercise the demons in us and to be a part of this wonderful information age in which we live. My topics will range from everything from the Christian life to theology and church and kids and movies and sports and the price of tea in China! I would imagine there will be a healthy dose of Southern Baptist life and issues also. I am interested in what you would like to read about. Let me know!

 Tomorrows post will be on voyeurism and Southern Baptist Blogs. The 21st century cyber train wreck!

Because Jesus is all that really matters!


777denny said...

I have a question for you about Yeshua HaMashiach.
What do you think of my new blog entry?

Thank you,

Penny Martin said...

Very interesting and possible great resource! Please read and explore this news release from Faith-JIVE.

Gene S said...

We are in a day of almost too much knowledge to the point few people are knowledgeable!

Cyberspace, for the most part, is too cluttered with hard nosed, opionated, stuff tending to drive people apart rather than bring them together.

In a way, terrorisism reigns, even in cyberspace.

I love your encouragement to just share Jesus, and him exaulted.

Much of our ranting is like Jesus' disciples fussing and fighting over who would sit on the right and left. Jesus noticed no one had performed the courtesy of washing dusty feet, which was usually delegated to a house servant.

Then he did the greatest ministry of all and greated message a Messiah could do---he started washing the feet of those too arrogant to stoop and do the service.

Maybe we should start foot washing again in our nicely shod society of people trying to out do one another. It matters not to Jesus whether we have shoes full of holes, no shoes, of the finest Italian made shiny, expensive foot wear.

We are all bare of soul (or sole) in the eyes of God's only Begotten Son!

Thanks for joining blog land again with a good head on your shoulders! We need more of gracious spirits like you.