Monday, June 04, 2007

A Resolution I can support

Folks, If we can't agree on this one we are in lot more trouble than any of us would believe!



Tim Rogers said...

Brother Jack,

Great to meet you at the convention.


Anonymous said...

Brother JACK:
You "nailed it" on Wade's blogsite. Great job!
I suggest you go to: ""

for more commentary on the BFM. He's done a great job. R. Rogers is a Criswell grad and former Chmn of the MBTS trustees during tough times. He is SOLID!

Anonymous said...

what ever happened with your youth/music guy? how is he doing in the ministry? i loved the post and the excitement you had when you posted it. Sounds like a promising young baptist preacher in the making. Did he get the job?

Jack Maddox said...

He was with us for a short time only. He is a great guy and I know the Lord will use him in the days ahead. we have however called a man who followed him and he is doing great. Thanks for asking


Rev. said...