Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Greensboro Report

I will post more when I get back to Texas but here is some fast first thoughts.

*Frank Page as President: Dr. Page is our President and he deserves our prayers and support. One of my SBTC staff member friends told me that Dr. Page is a wonderful soul winner, pastor and will make a great Pres. I concur. I look forward to his work with Southern Baptists.

* The convention was much more unified than what folks thought. If we are divided, it is methodology vs. theology. It seems the most controversial issue to come out of Greensboro besides the IMB thing may be the 'drinking' issue.

* East Coast BBQ is AWFUL!!!! Where's the beef?

* Casting Crowns ROCKS!

* Cliff Barrows leading the convention in "How great thou art" = AWESOME!

* Memo to the SBC Leadership gang...stop lobbing grenades at the are just making yourself look bitter ad mad. Practice some grace! The bloggers are "good kids'

* That blue light special thing at the Lifeway booth drove me crazy!!!!

* The Guilford Courthouse battleground...very cool!

* Micah Fries looks like a young Al Franken

that's it for now...will start the drive home to Texas tomorrow..Later


Reformed Mama said...

okay, as a high point, NC resident and Carolina BBQ lover, i take issue with the BBQ comment. :)

Everything else... thumbs up. :)

Tim said...

Did you know that the owner of the Astros is a Christian!!! Not only that, but he's Baptist!!!

Go Astros! Support Christian Business men!!!



P.s. I used to live a couple of blocks off of Westheimer. I was a Chaplain Resident at MDACC for a little less than a year, before I got called to the Pastorate. You don't know how many glares I get when I wear my Houston Texans shirt to church during football season. :o)

Dorcas Hawker said...

Did you ever make it back to Texas?