Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Call of God and the Privilege of Ministry

Tomorrow morning we will have a young man leading our worship and coming before our people in view of a call as our New minister of music and Youth. He is 24 years old and this will be his first full time position. He will also be attending SWBTS part time as he attempts to balance a busy schedule which includes leading and planning worship, leading a very busy student ministry, learning how to be a good husband (He is newly married) and learning a new church field. WOW! Crazy huh? Not to mention that he will not be making a whole lot of money, although I think for a smaller membership church we do ok...We will provide him with a parsonage and a salary comparable to a first year teacher. Anyway, we are excited about this as a church and we are also a little bummed. Why are we bummed? Because he will be taking the place of our music minister who has served for 32 years in the same position. WOW!!! Why is he stepping down? Because he realizes that we need a full time student minister and his setting aside his bi-vocational salary will allow us to do just that. He is placing the church and her needs before his own needs and wants. What an act of selfless sacrifice that even though the call of God has been rich and full in his long ministry in our church, he recognizes that sometimes God does a new thing. He will stay in the church and continue to serve as a deacon and our Choir director. The young man in question is named Andy Kumor and his wife's name is Heather. Pray for them...They are so excited about the prospect of coming. You would think we were FBC Dallas! Their zeal and excitement takes me back almost 20 years ago when my wife and I were getting ready to go to Tuscola Texas for our first church. I KNEW EVERYTHING!!!! Thankfully, over the years I have forgotten much of what I knew then : )
You see, Andy and Heather only see the potential...They do not see the pitfalls and the struggles. They see souls to be saved, students to disciple and a church that needs them. I hope our folks will realize this tomorrow...That we to need to see the potential...That of a young man and a young women who are just ready to be used of God no matter where it is or the challenges before them. I am convicted by their zeal and thankful for the opportunity to mentor them. Already they have helped me more than I have them!

You see...They have reminded me of the privilege it is to minister to God's people. To just be thrilled with an opportunity to serve the Lord...No matter what! May we all live and serve like this is our "FIRST CHURCH" not knowing anything except that Jesus saves and still changes lives!

Have a great Lord's day serving HIM!

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